How to use Twitter for your home business (Part 3)

We’ve heard the Twitter stories of a Kenyan chief and a steak house that went the extra mile for a customer. Today we’re talking about a woman who turned her perceived weakness into a special strength.

#3  The unique champion

Julia Probst's disability enabled her to find her niche

Julia Probst is an avid German football fan. She regularly tweets about the sport to her followers, giving them in-depth information not available elsewhere. She is also deaf.

Some may consider this is a weakness, but Probst has found a smart way to turn that into a very unique strength—her (dis)ability lets her read the lips of players and coaches during matches.

Probst's tweet in German

Because of this, she gets first-hand information and a deeper understanding of what’s going on, a privilege the rest of us aren’t entitled to. So in this case, we’re the ones who can’t hear, and she’s the one guiding us. How cool is that?

More than soccer, she champions a cause that’s obviously dear to her: raising awareness for the deaf and disabled on her blog, aptly called Mein Augenschmaus (a quick Google search suggests this means, “My feast for the eyes”).

What we can learn: Turn your perceived weaknesses into unique strengths. If you’re a woman and think this holds you back, consider that women make up 82 percent of the direct selling industry. Times are changing and people realise that feminine traits are just as important for business success. Better yet, if you have a unique strength, you have a bigger edge over the competition.

Another important lesson is to listen. Many successful entrepreneurs are great listeners because they pay attention to what’s going on. Connect with your followers, have conversations, and find ways to add value to their lives.

Last but not least, seize the opportunity to make a difference to society if you’re able. Julia Probst is clearly passionate about what she tweets, and at the same time, is raising awareness for her disability.

What are your unique strengths? Are you really listening? How can you make a difference?


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