How to use Twitter for your home business (Part 2)

A few days I posted the first “lesson” based on Chief Kariuki’s story. Was it useful? Did you learn anything? If not, let me know so I can come up with better quality posts for you. Here’s the second Twitter story about social media expert, Peter Shankman, and what you can learn from it for your network marketing business.

#2  Attentive customer care

On a return flight, Peter Shankman jokingly tweeted to his favourite steakhouse, Morton’s, to meet him at the airport with a steak.

Shankman jokingly orders a steak via Twitter

To his surprise, when Shankman landed he was met with someone from Morton’s, who had travelled more than 23 miles to personally deliver a full meal—including the steak Shankman had requested.

A steak, prawns, potatoes, bread, napkin and silverware.

A very impressed and delighted Shankman tweeted again to his followers—more than 10,000 of them!—and the story quickly spread across the Twitterverse.

Shankman spreads the story to the Twitterverse

Not only did Morton’s listen to its customer, it went above and beyond anyone’s expectations to deliver a memorable experience.

What was really impressive was that Morton’s managed to pull it off, despite the many hurdles that were likely faced:

  • Corporate: Getting authorisation from headquarters to even go ahead with the idea.
  • Logistics: from placing the order to packing it to delivery, this would seem like a nightmare.
  • Time: Morton’s had less than 3 hours to do it all.
  • Other things could have gone wrong, such as Shankman’s flight being delayed or re-routed.

What we can learn: Always think of ways to add value to your customer and how you can go the extra mile. Happy customers will gladly share their experiences, and these days with Twitter, Facebook, etc., stories can spread across the globe, far beyond your network. The more memorable the experience, the better, even if it seems like a mammoth task.

What can you do to make a potential business partner feel special? How can you go out of your way to make it near impossible for them to say no? Whilst being thoughtful and respectful, of course.

Post your feedback and let us know your thoughts. More details about Shankman’s story can be found on his website. Remember to check out Twitter lessons from a visually-impaired soccer fan and a homeless man.


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