How to use Twitter for your home business (Part 1)

There have been some amazing stories about how Twitter has changed lives in a big way. This is the first in a series of posts about some of our favourite stories, and what you can learn from each one to help with your network marketing business. There’s a steakhouse, a visually-impaired soccer fan and even a homeless man!

#1  The resourceful guardian

In Lanet Umoja, Kenya, administrative chief Francis Kariuki uses Twitter to help him run his village. Known online as @Chiefkariuki, he tweets to organise village affairs, fight crime, and find missing children and farm animals.

Francis Kariuki, also known as @ChiefKariuki on Twitter

When thieves broke into a teacher’s home at 4 AM, Kariuki sent a tweet to gather villagers and chase the crooks away. The chief says his online activity has decreased crime rate drastically, and has helped save time and money, since he no longer has to write letters or pay for posters.

ChiefKariuki tweets to advertise job vacancies

Kariuki uses Twitter to advertise job openings…

 ChiefKariuki tweets to locate missing persons

… locate missing persons…

 ChiefKariuki tweets to inspire his villagers

… and inspire his villagers.

What you can learn for your network marketing business:
Get creative and make the most of your social media tools. One of the biggest advantages of social networking platforms, such as Twitter, is you can engage with your audience instantly, directly and on a deeper level.

Chief Kariuki uses Twitter to run his village; in a network marketing context, you can announce product launches, share advice, and arrange meetings with your team. You can personally answer questions, offer solutions and address issues that may normally take much longer to resolve.

What else can you learn from Chief Kariuki’s story? What ideas can you use for your own network marketing business?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. THE POSSIBILITIES! With all the advancements in technology we have, there is no excuse for our lack of advancement in the lives of the poor and oppressed. We can use social media and network marketing to EVOLVE THE WORLD!

    1. Dani A. says:

      We love your enthusiasm! Technology is spreading further, even to areas once thought of as remote and unreachable. And with that, the possibilities for networking are endless.

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