Top ways to promote yourself

Self-promotion can be tricky in network marketing, especially for a woman. You may not have a marketing department to rival Nike’s, or the self-assured presentation skills of Steve Jobs. Worse still, approaching a man may be considered taboo in your country!

Is this business card too cocky?

So how do you go about telling people about your products? I’m going to show you that it’s entirely possible to promote yourself while keeping your reputation perfectly intact. Best of all, these apply to any profession, not just networkers.

1. Be passionate.

What do the world’s best presenters have in common? Have you noticed that they are all passionate about what they’re promoting? Whether it’s a product, a service or just an idea, their energy draws you in, makes you listen and convinces you to believe.

Are you genuinely excited about what you’re selling? We are naturally more open to stories that we can relate to, products that we can trust, and people whom we can believe in. Genuine passion makes it easier for people connect with you and buy into your story. After all, if you don’t believe in what you’re saying, why should anyone else?

2. Help someone else.

Have you noticed that charitable people seem to be more amazing? They willingly give when they know that they won’t get anything in return. This selfless spirit is moving, it’s inspiring, and it’s infectious.

Try this approach when it comes to promoting yourself. People do business with people whom they know and trust.  If you take the time to help meet others’ needs, you’ll be surprised at how willing they’ll be to help you in return. Plus this will really get people talking about you!

In a recent interview, Krishnan said that people naturally gravitate towards charities for the chance to do good

3. Be a good listener.

If you want to be successful, you need to learn to phrase your message the right way, and this starts with being a good listener. Find out what really matters to people by listening to what they mean when they speak. Then you’ll know how to pitch your story to them.

4. Just be yourself.

One of the questions a top leader was asked at a recent training event was how people can imitate her presentation style. Her advice is: don’t. Don’t try to be someone else because you risk coming across as insincere, and people can smell that from a mile away!

Instead, be the best you that you can possibly be. Know that you have what it takes to rock, harness your strengths and believe in yourself.

5. Stay humble.

Who would you prefer to do business with? Someone who thinks the world of himself, or someone who remains modest and respectful regardless of her success?

Just as people who give selflessly tend to be more popular, it’s easier to like someone when they remain humble. Put your ego aside, drop the diva attitude and you’ll gain more fans when you stop acting like you deserve them!

6. Be proactive.

Get out there, go all out and get everyone talking! The most successful self-promoters don’t wait around for success to come; they make it happen!

A great product speaks for itself

If you’re part of a reputable company, all the hard work of creating great-quality products has already been done for you. All you have to do now is build brand you, and get people excited enough to believe in both you and the products!

7. Introduce other people within your network.

Here’s a tip for getting people to talk about you: introduce the people in your circle to each other. As the mutual connection, you’re bound to come up in their conversations, making your job easier and also giving added value to the people in your network.

Connectors, mavens and salesmen

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, he talks about connectors, mavens, and salesmen. Your ultimate goal is to be all three.

8. Show, don’t just tell.

A big mistake that newbies make is listing all the experience that they have. Guess what. People aren’t that bothered with how many years you’ve been in the business. Yes, experience matters, but what is more powerful is showing the type of value that you can provide.

9. Stop sprinting, start walking.

Slow down, tiger! We know you’re eager to reach the top, but taking time to experience the journey is just as important. When you rush, you’re more likely to make mistakes. When you walk, you get to know what matters to people and can then show them how you might be able to help. It’s a lot easier to build relationships this way.


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  1. networkingprincess says:

    Very insightful article. And it does not apply to just networkers, but any working professional.

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